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Raising the Standard: COVID-19

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It’s over two years since COVID first emerged but it has become increasingly clear that it is not disappearing any time soon. The number of cases and deaths fluctuates from week to week, and the virus continues to cause disruption to how we live and work. We need to be aware that there are still many people across Kent who are particularly vulnerable to COVID, and who are understandably concerned about how the virus could affect the health of themselves and their loved ones.

Traders who go into people’s homes in the course of their everyday work should be mindful of these legitimate concerns of their customers. While many people – possibly even yourself or your colleagues – may feel that the effects of catching COVID are likely to be mild at this point, the virus remains a serious health risk for many residents.

Following simple steps such as carrying out a risk assessment before entering a property, following stringent hygiene procedures including the thorough washing of hands, and wearing a face mask when inside a property or in close proximity to others, can help keep you and your customers safe, and set everyone’s minds at ease.

Remember: communication is key. Before visiting a customer’s house, make sure you are aware of any particular concerns they may have around COVID, and feel free to express concerns of your own. If you have COVID symptoms yourself, or you suspect that a customer may have COVID, it would be sensible to arrange to carry out work in their home at a later date.

Being considerate about people’s COVID concerns will instil confidence in your customers and is likely to lead to positive feedback and recommendations; according to research conducted by Kent County Council, 48% of Kent residents say the precautions taken by a business to protect against the spread of COVID would be a factor in whether or not they would choose a trader to conduct work on their home.

By getting it right, Trading Standards Checked members can help to keep COVID cases in Kent to a minimum, and do their bit to keep their communities – and their businesses – happy, healthy and resilient.

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