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Being a member of schemes such as Trading Standards Checked helps to allay customer concerns during ongoing economic uncertainty. As we continue to navigate the increased costs, we can all assure business continuity by investing in consumer confidence.

Rising costs and supply issues are causing uncertainty among traders and customers. In response to rising scams and increased cost of living, traders must assure residents that they are reliable and trustworthy.

When you complete this course with a score of 80% or above,  you will receive a Certificate of Completion with your name and company name on it, as well as access through the Trading Standards Checked site to badges you can proudly display to show customers that you have completed the course.

The course is broken into four sections (including a short video) listed below. Scroll down to see a more detailed breakdown of the individual lessons, which will also record your progress throughout the course.

You can go through the lessons in any order, but to take the final quiz and earn your certificate and badge you will need to have marked all lessons as ‘complete’.

As you go through the lessons you can click ‘mark as complete’ when you have fully understood a section, or use the ‘next section’ button to move on if you wish to return to the lesson later.